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Written Test

There is a 50 question written test in the CWP class. This test is put together by SLED and every student has to take it and pass it before they can do the shooting qualification. We do not go over the test in class but we do cover everything on the test in great understandable detail throughout the class. It is mostly made up of true/false and multiple choice questions but there are a couple fill in the blank questions. If you pay attention in class you won't have any trouble with the test. We cover everything thoroughly in class and most of our students that come though make a 90% or higher. The written test isn't anything for you to be nervous about, even those of you that are like myself and don't like written test.

If you do happen to fail the test we let you take it again the same day in class. We have had a couple that have failed due to getting the numbers on the test question sheet and the answer sheet mixed up so they retook it and had no problem on the second go around. If you do happen to fail it a second time (we have never had this) you will be able to come back through the class free of charge.  

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