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SC Constitutional Carry

     SC Passed Constitutional Carry (Not a true Constitutional Carry) on March 7, 2024. This is a win for our constitutional rights in here in SC. However, we have a long way to go to make it a true Constitutional Carry. We are huge supporters of the Constitution and would actually like to see a better more Constitutional, Constitutional Carry in SC. There are still a lot of "anti-gun" amendments in the law that we'd like to see taken out, but we won this battle of getting it passed. We highly suggest taking our Law portion of the classes to familiarize yourself with the laws so that you don't get yourself in trouble by accident. There are still many laws that you need to know so that you can be confident that you'll stay out of jail, and be able to be defendable in a court of law if you find yourself in a self-defense situation. We offer the law portion in with the CWP classes and it runs 9am-noon which includes a law packet. It only $40 and runs only 3hrs which is well worth gaining the knowledge you need to stay legally inbounds even under SC Constitutional Carry. Just let us know when signing up that you want the law portion only and we'll get your spot reserved. 

     We actually suggest getting the CWP for a several reasons.

1- It lets you buy guns at the store faster.

2- It lets you carry in more states.

3- It serves as a background check at many places.

4- At a traffic stop you can present the permit which will often ease the officer's mind knowing you're an              upstanding citizen and are armed to protect yourself.

5- It shows your serious to the court about knowing the laws of self-defense

   and you'll be more defendable in court.

6- You'll actually know the laws of self-defense.

7- There are stiffer penalties for those that accidently break the law with their gun on them and don't have a        permit. i.e. walking into a place you're not supposed to have a gun in. 

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