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Welcome to our Defense Preparation, Defense, & Aftermath pages. We are hoping to help you to better understand everything that deals with using a firearm as your defense tool. We try to use as plain English as we can. There are many technical terms in the firearms and defense training world, if you're going to be going to a lot of training classes, seminars, or start competing we suggest you learn them all. We will use some in these segments that there are no "plain" terms for. We try to use a more plain approach simply because a lot of our readers and students are not "full fledged" into the firearms realm and just want to know how to do stuff without all the extra learning curves. We strive to make learning as easy and enjoyable as we possibly can. There are some terms that you'll need to know but for the most part we can use more common terms instead of the terms used specifically in the training fields.

We have added these pages to help in your understanding of firearms, ammunition, your capabilities, your attackers capabilities, Safety, situational awareness, training, emotions, the act of defending, legalities, and the aftermath of having to use a firearm for defense. We hope this helps you in your Defense Training whether you are just starting out or have been doing it for many years. Whether you use this for your base of firearms education or continue to research and educate yourself (which we suggest) we hope this gives insight to truths and myths.

Stay Safe, Stay Armed!

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