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Church Emergencies & Safety

There can be many different types of emergency situations in a church setting. We have implemented a safety team to handle such emergencies. Below are some of the emergencies we can face and course of action to take in such emergencies. Our goal is to have a safe and comfortable place to worship God while being prepared for situations that happen daily.  

Medical Emergencies

In the event of a medical emergency notify, one of the safety team members and help as needed.

AED is located in the left rear corner of the auditorium and medical bag is located in the communion closet.

If asked to call 911 remain calm and be ready to give nature of emergency, location: Seneca Church of Christ, 10833 Clemson Blvd., Seneca SC 29678 (864)654-7105 or number to phone you're using. Be ready to give persons sex, age, medical history (if possible). Remain calm and speak clearly.

Do Not attempt to move person unless needed for safety reasons. 

Fire Emergency

In case of fire notify a safety team member immediately.

Safety team members will activate our emergency evacuation plan.

  • Remain calm

  • know who is around you

  • help any disabled or elderly as needed

  • Follow your area leader to nearest exit

  • Make your way to the grassy area below and beside the lower parking lot.

  • Do not re-enter building until "All Clear" is given

  • Do not leave in your car so we can get a head count

  • Follow your leader's instructions 

Power Outage

Remain calm and seated. Follow safety team instructions. 

Gas leak

  • Contact a safety team member immediately

  • Follow safety team instructions

Electrical outages / Bad weather cancellation

You will be notified through our Call-A-Member services 

Severe Weather

In the event of severe weather:

  • Remain calm

  • Make your way to the center of the auditorium

  • If a tornado were to hit the building, crouch down in floor between or under pews

  • Follow instructions

  • Do NOT leave building

Safety Team Leaders:


Medical Members:


Area Evacuation Leaders:


Area 911 Activators:


Do not list your armed safety team members. You want as few people as possible knowing who they are. You never know when someone in the church might get to the point of feeling they must attack the church to support their cause. Whether it's a girlfriend breaks up with them and starts dating someone else there, a deranged husband, etc. Keep this list on a need to know basis only.

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