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Here are a few helpful links in certain areas of Defense training:

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division ( SLED )

SLED has all the SC gun laws and more.

US Handgun Laws by State

This is a great site to check out the conceal carry reciprocity for each state. It also has up to date gun laws for each state

National Rifle Association ( NRA )

NRA Institute fot Legeslaive Action

Stephen Fulton Shaw Law Firm

Co-Author of South Carolina Gun Law

What does the bible say about Self Defense? Maybe this page can help.

Here are some more SC Self Defense / Gun law lawyers

Baker, Ravenel & Bender, L.L.P.

Columbia, South Carolina


Carroll Law Firm

Charleston, South Carolina


Coleman Law Firm

Summerville, South Carolina


Daniel A. Selwa, II

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

(843) 450-7566

Deaton Law Firm

North Charleston, South Carolina

(843) 225-5723

Deaton Law Firm

North Charleston, South Carolina


Drennan Law Firm LLC

Charleston, South Carolina

Jack Bruce Swerling

Columbia, South Carolina


Kinard & Jones

Lexington, South Carolina


Law Office of S. Harrison Saunders VI, LLC

Columbia, South Carolina


Matt Bodman

Columbia, South Carolina

(803) 806-8608

Matt Bodman PA

Columbia, South Carolina

(803) 806-8605

Parham Law Firm

Florence, South Carolina


Parrilla Law Firm LLC

Greenville, South Carolina

We hope you find these links helpful!

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