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The Ministry of Church Safety Training

We offer several classes for Church Safety / Security teams, focusing on small to medium sized teams. 1-20 member safety teams is where we specialize. Your organization will be kept anonymous for security reasons. When you sign up we set a date and time and the only ones that know who is there will be your team, and us. We understand the importance for some teams keeping things anonymous, If you want to make a post about your organization training you can but we will not post anything about your team, nor take any pictures of you and your team, unless it's requested. Our classes are split up into 2 different sessions, if you're looking to start a safety team then you'll want to start with the Safety Team intro, if you already have a safety team in place then you can take the Deter & De-escalate with the Love of Christ.  If you have a safety team and aren't really sure of what all you need in place, then we suggest starting with the intro. With new information and analysis of actual crime in churches whether, theft, assault, kidnapping, or an active shooter we have placed our focus on deterrence and de-escalation in the church setting. We believe you should absolutely be armed, ready, and be welcoming all at the same time. You should have your safety team placed in a way that a member or visitor will be welcomed and really won't even notice that you're there as a "security member" while at the same time someone there to do evil will notice and either steer clear all together, attend but hold off on their intent, or just get up and leave. We must recognize that everyone has a soul, and we need to treat them as such. 

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Safety Team Intro: 

This is a 2-4 hr session going over what is all needed to form a great safety / security team. There's a whole lot more to forming a safety team than having a few guys carrying guns in your services. There's is a whole realm of legalities on everything and the leaders of your Church are responsible for those walking around armed, they are also responsible if they don't have some kind of security measures in place as well. This session goes over what all is needed to form and maintain a great safety team while showing the love of Christ in this ministry. 

John 15:9

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Deter and de-escalate with the Love of Christ: 

This is where our main focus is on anything that we do. We want to prevent any and all situations that we can, de-escalate the ones that start, and do it all with the Love of Christ so that they'll know us by our Love. 

John 13:35

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About the instructor:

Spencer Brewster has been in Church security / safety team settings for over a decade, is currently the Safety Director of the congregation he attends, was an on the road EMT for 5 years, and worked in Asset protection for 20+ years. With this includes many training sessions with other groups and lots of experience. He's been in over 400 court cases and every case had an incident attached to it. He's learned how to and how not to approach situations, which he hopes to be able to pass that along to others. 

Active shooters

With studying all of the active shooting out there with a focus on the Church settings, 98% of them that carried out their evil did not hit their first chosen target. They usually hit their 3rd chosen target. This is something we have to take into consideration, why didn't they shoot up their first or second choice of targets? Only a handful of the true active shooters hit their first choice and we need to look at this as well. We cover all of this in our deter and de-escalate session. We go over what to look for, how to deter, how to de-escalate, all while showing the Love of Christ. 

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