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Emotions during an Attack

What can I expect my emotional state to be during an attack?

There are going to be a lot of things going on with your emotions and stress levels during an attack starting at level Orange. Remember the color codes?

White = Not aware of anything

Yellow = A relaxed state of readiness

Orange = You've spotted something in your relaxed state that doesn't feel right so you start focusing more on what has caught your attention and start mentally preparing for what if's. If he does this I'll do this.

Red = Fight

Black = Emotional breakdown

The true point when you emotions begin to spike is at level orange. You've spotted something that doesn't feel right so you start paying closer attention. A lot of things can start happening at this point. Your pulse is rising, you may be able to feel your heart beating very fast at this point. Your hands may begin to tremble, you may begin to sweat all over, your blood pressure will rise, and you may start having a hard time processing your thoughts. There are a few things that you will think and will need to think.

OH Crap!

What do I do?

What is he doing?

I can't believe this is happening.


There are a couple of these we need to be thinking.

What do I do?

What is he going to do?

Well, we must start going through scenarios through our head at this point. If he does "this" I'll do "this" so we can override the other thoughts. We don't need anything else in our minds except the reactions to there actions. We must have a plan of some sort even if it's no more than: RUN. At least that's a plan. If you don't override the other thoughts especially "blank" you will freeze up and loose. Can you imagine what'll happen if you've never thought about what you'll do or if you've never practiced drawing with sweaty palms or shooting with shaky hands and arms?  

How do I overcome this?

There are a few ways to overcome this. One is training so it becomes a reflex or "muscle memory" to react a certain way to an attack. As good as physical training is and we must have it, it is no good without being mentally ready. There are a few ways to prepare ourselves mentally without actually doing much at all. When you're out and about look around, see whats around you, not just the people but cars, walls, doors, etc. Look to see what you can do if someone does "this". While sitting in your house do the same thing and make a plan. Go over that plan every night in your head, just take a couple minutes and rehearse in your head. Get prepared before it happens. You must also train to overcome the sweaty palms, and shaky hands, check out our other pages for that. Be ready, stay safe!

Have you ever had to defend yourself?

Yes, I worked in Loss Prevention for many years and was in many encounters with criminals. I was probably in more fights with criminals than most of your average police officers are in. I have won many and lost some. The ones I lost I wasn't prepared for it. I had one case where I caught up to a suspect and fight ensued, I moved under his swinging arm and took him to the ground and had him hemmed up and ready to put cuffs on him when his partner hit me from behind dropping me to my knees and it stunned me enough that they both got away. I was fortunate enough that he only hit me with his fist. I had to learn the hard way from that mistake to make sure to scan the area even while fight is on. There have been many more and I can guarantee that I haven't made that mistake again, I have lost others due to they just over powered me but not because I was hit from behind. It's gonna happen fast, to fast to think once it starts, it will become just doing at that point. You must at least have a generic plan and mindset of what you're gonna do once it starts. The more mentally prepared you are the better off you'll be in the aftermath stages.

Check our other pages for aftermath emotions.

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