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Shooting Test

The shooting test or live fire qualification is to test your shooting fundamentals and accuracy from the presentation and a holster (if you don't have a holster we have on you can borrow). You can bring any caliber firearm up to a .357 mag that you'd like. If you don't have a firearm we have a 22lr you can rent for $10 which includes ammo. You can use a revolver or a semi-auto handgun.

The test starts at 3 yards and goes to 15 yards. You shoot 10 rounds at 3, 5, 7, and 10 yards and then 5 rounds at 12, and 15 yards. The test is timed but it isn't really anything to worry about. It's not set up to fail the student.

However you shoot at the range normally is the way you'll shoot here unless we see something that you're doing dangerously, at that point we'll correct it and go from there.

We don't make you shoot with both eyes open during the test. We do however go over this in class and how the sympathetic nervous system works and how your body operates under pressure in an attack situation and point shooting.

This test isn't that hard and can be passed by anybody that pays attention in class and to the instructor on the range.

Our shooting range is indoor and is held with one student at a time. We don't line you up with a bunch of students. We have the instructor and 1 student on the range behind closed doors so nobody else is watching. We find this to be more comfortable for most students especially new shooters. 

Calibers allowed on our range:

17 hmr, 22, 25, 32, 380, 38 pl, 357 mag, 357 sig, 9mm, 40, & 45

Basically anything less powerful than a 357 mag. 

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