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New Shooters

We get a lot of very new shooters with little to no experience with a handgun or any type of firearm for that matter coming through our classes. One of the biggest questions we get is what handgun do you suggest for me. Well, it's not an easy question nor an easy answer. We know you go to a gun shop and you ask this question and you'll get an answer which will be different in every gun shop. As much as the guy behind the counter may seem or even actually be trying to help you, his overall goal is to make a sale no matter how helpful he seems or may even want to be. It's no different than buying a car. Would you go to the car lot and ask the salesman what car is right for you without test driving it first? Of course not, you'll test drive it a couple of times along with several others and then make a better decision. You need to do the same thing with a firearm. We urge new shooters to not buy a gun just for the CWP class. We would rather you come to class, rent our gun for only $10 which includes the ammo, and learn more about what all you need to look out for when buying a gun for concealed carry. We cover a lot on choosing a concealed carry gun as well as we can see where you're at during the live fire test and know where you need to start at with a concealed carry gun.

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