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Reading List

Here is a list of suggested reading for life, self-defense, and more.

1- Bible: World Bible School Study Bible

2- Muscle and a Shovel: Shank

3- A time to kill: Greg Hopkins

4- Verbal Judo: George Thompson

5- Left of Bang: Patrick Van Horne & Jason A. Riley

6- The Hiding Place: Corrie Ten Boom

7- The Theft of Americas Soul: Phil Robertson

8- Happy, Happy, Happy: Phil Robertson

9- UnPhiltered: Phil Robertson

10- Jesus Politics: Phil Robertson

11- Spotting Danger before it spots you: Gary Quensenberry

12- Spotting danger before it spots your Kids: Gary Quensenberry

13- The Gift of Fear: Gavin De Becker

14- On Killing: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

15- On Combat: Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

16- On Spiritual Combat: Lt. Col Dave Grossman

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