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Virtual Simulator Training

Point Shooting Class

We offer a point shooting class designed to introduce students to point shooting while being in a class form. This class helps the students interact and learn from other students while learning how to point shoot at different targets including moving targets so they can help perfect their point shooting. These classes are held with 6 students for $50 a student and last about 3 hrs. We suggest taking this class before the virtual reality class.

Virtual Reality Training Class

We offer virtual reality training using videos of real life attack situations that you must defend against. We use our laser trainer and holster to make it as life like as we can. These scenarios are designed to make you think and react quick enough to defend yourself. The videos are either shoot or no shoot situations that you play out and make a good fast decision to defend yourself physically and keep on the legal side of the law. We offer these classes in a class of 6 students for $50 a student and the class is about 3 hrs long.

**These classes are set to a min of 6 and a max of 6 students. We must have all 6 students confirmed or we'll have to cancel the class.**  

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