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Virtual Shooting Range

Private 1 on 1 training session: 

$45 per hr for individual. $15 hr for every extra person

In the private 1 on 1 session we can work on pretty much anything you would like to work on, from basic fundamentals to more advanced force on force video scenarios. Please email us at to set up a time for the training.

Shooting fundamentals class:

This is a class of 6 students that we work on shooting fundamentals on the virtual range. This is a very interactive class that goes over the basics with the laser gun so you can get used to everything without the live ammo to begin with. This is a great class for those not familiar with firearms and will get you to the point you need to be safely and a little more comfortable for some without the live ammo.

Class is 2hr's and $35 per student

Video scenario class:

This is a 6 person class that utilizes the real life video scenarios that allow you to judge real world scenarios and make split second decisions based on the laws of self defense. Each student will have a go at several video scenarios and the entire class will examine each scenario and judge each others performance. 

Game time:

Fun for the family. We have several games that is fun for most ages, need to be old enough to hold a gun (laser gun) and pull the (easy pull) trigger. I would say most 5+ can do it, however my 3 y/o is very good at it, so I'll just say that they need to be able to handle it. 

$50 hr up to 5 players.

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