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Choosing a Holster

One of the most frustrating parts of carrying a concealed handgun is choosing a holster. This is not only about the holster itself but about the location you're going to carry as well. Most holster are made for either left or right hand, and either inside or outside the waistband. The downside to this is that a lot of newbies to the concealed carry world more often than not, don't have a clue as to where they want to carry their gun. We have actually designed a holster that cuts a lot of this out. Once you've decided that you want to carry somewhere on the waistband, our holster can be used, inside/outside the waistband, and both left and right-handed. Now you can buy just one holster, that will cover a multitude of positions around the waist. It's very adjustable so you can make it sit on your waist the way that fits you the best.

We created this holster so our customers can purchase one holster and try a multitude of positions around their waist, instead of having to buy a bunch of different holsters until they found the one they wanted. I personally struggled with this when I first started carrying. I've worn my handgun all around the waist and finally after a few years of carrying, buying many holsters, I settled on the appendix position. I wore the holster in the appendix for many years but wasn't 100% satisfied with the holsters I had, and couldn't find any that adjusted the way I wanted them to adjust, so I set out to create one that fit the way I needed it to and ended up creating the holster we offer today. Go over and check out the holsters we offer in the holster store. You can click on the image below and it'll take you to the website.

We offer a lifetime craftsmanship gaurantee, and you have 45 days to try the holster out. We've had many satisfied customers, and have many repeat customers for all of their handgun needs.

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Mar 07

Sir, my name is Ken Hartline. I live in Nottingham, Md. I saw your video on Facebook comparing the G3 and the TH9. I have both, with the TH9 just purchased. I would like to contact you about the TH9. If you want to reply I’m at My t/p # is410-440-9704. Please leave a voice message so I can talk or a web address so I can text. Thank you, PTL!

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